Akshay Nandakumar


Streamlining the parcel distribution for QikPod’s delivery Agents.

Today's tasks The landing page shows a horizontal scroll of the days' tasks in order of task priority.

Find Optimal Path Depending on the current location, the agent can either navigate or start the next task.

Pickup & drop list The agent is accountable for each and every parcel pickup & drop on the list. At any point, they can check which tasks are pending.

Objective To redesign the delivery agent’s App by streamlining the parcel Pickup & Drop Taskflow.

Contextual enquiry I shadowed the delivery agents, observing the parcel collection and delivery processes.

Ideation I noticed system wide inefficiencies which needed to be addressed in the current App flow. I started making whiteboard wireframes to get quick feedback.

The aim was to design an App that didn’t require any onboarding. The previous designs assumed in house delivery agents knowing the supply chain process in and out.

After quick whiteboard iterations, I made higher fidelity wireframes to lock the new design and have further conversations with the engineering team at QikPod.

Use cases I wanted drops & pickups to feel similar, but there were subtle contextual differences in flows.