Akshay Nandakumar

Hotel search

Led Cleartrip's redesign of the hotel search experience to help travelers discover new experiences and the tried & tested hotels as well.

Why redesign? Over time many features were separately added to the page. It lost purpose and became overwhelming to use.

Due to old code frameworks and dependencies, it became difficult to solve for multiple use cases.

This was an opportunity to move to a robust framework that would allow us to personalize experiences for different kinds of travelers.

Ideation I spent the first few weeks analyzing competitors, drawing inspiration & identifying structural problems existing today.

Chaos to clarity I tackled problems surface by surface and gradually worked towards combining them together.

Exhaustive iteration I quickly prototyped multiple ideas and circulated them with stakeholders internally.

Scoping solutionsI narrowed down solutions based on feedback and tested them with selected user groups.

Helping customers shortlistI designed the experience to provide better scan-ability & feedback. This helped customers shortlist hotels even faster.

Contextual filtersSome want to explore new experiences, some might have a tight budget and some look for the ‘tried and tested’.

Location sortingTravelers have a proclivity to a location of interest. Customers traveling on business stay near their office and they stay near attractive spots when on a holiday.

WinsInitial test groups showed promise with an average increase of 2% in bookings.

The time taken to redesign upcoming projects was reduced by half as my team was able to reuse the atomic components I had set up.