Akshay Nandakumar

Flipkart expert

Unblocking 500 million non english speaking users through conversational commerce.

Search through Voice Interaction Voice search helped users find exactly what they are looking for without proficiency in english.

Contextual Recommendations After the initial search, we could establish enough context to guide the user step by step.

Interactive product cards Simple and visual product cards that highlight the essential features of the product.

Objective To design an discovery experience that is more inclusive for non English Speaking users.

Competitor Analysis Companies like OLX, Quikr & Snapdeal have announced that they will translate in 5 local languages. Amazon has only just announced that their website that will support Hindi to invite more users

Research insights I recruited local language smartphone users to better understand their usage of the internet & Ecommerce Apps.

Brainstorming I kept an open mind while brainstorming multiple ideas before narrowing down to 4 concepts.

Wireframing a Plausible Solution After evaluating multiple ideas & conversations with designers and engineers at flipkart, I started working on a plausible solution.

User Testing Users expressed delight at being able to shop online without having any prior knowledge or proficiency in English.

Some users were confused while reacting to the voice instruction as there were multiple affordances.

Visual Design Explorations I studied and emulated visual styles in existing chat and voice based Apps and then crafted a visual treatment that looked both modern but also allows the user to consume content easily.

Final designs The aim is to suggest suitable products without tiring the user with questions. The App would eventually learn and provide accurate suggestions making the user use voice interactions only if absolutely necessary.

Product cards are the most important components of any e-commerce platform and it was important to design them for multiple categories and different types of information.