Akshay Nandakumar

Cleartrip bookings

Led research & design for the core booking experience, with a goal of making sure travelers feel looked after till they reach their destination.

Customer FOMO Customers experience anxiety during their web checkin, commute to the airport, while weighing baggage & standing in line for security check.

Objective To streamline the customer's airport & inflight experience by giving them early access to value added services.

Scoping possible solutions First off, I thought customers could add seats, meals & baggage to their itinerary. But on further thought, this would potentially distract them from reviewing the flight details.

Alternatively, a dedicated page would help customers quickly scan the add-ons before they finally review their booking.

To increase visibility, I thought of introducing them step by step. But this was suboptimal for customers who didn’t want to add them.

The optimal solutionI tested the prototypes & found that it was important to optimize the solution for customers who wanted add-ons & make it easy to skip for those who don’t.

Review after selectionCustomers found it more reassuring when they could review how much extra they were paying for the trip.

Final designs We expanded the full list for one-way trips and truncated them for roundtrips so that the customer could view them all at a glance.

Customers who wanted add-ons didn't mind the additional click and found it easy to review how much extra they were paying.

Uncertainty didn't stop there During my conversations with the CX team, my eyes lit up to see the number of booking & refund related calls we receive in a day.

A closer look 3% users experience a delay in receiving their ticket. Sometimes, this causes the booking to fail.

ObjectiveTo reduce customer anxiety by being transparent about what we were doing in the background, i.e. reducing the number of booking related calls.

Achieving transparencyWe needed to communicate what had happened, what was currently happening, what is yet to happen & when the booking will be confirmed.

A booking trackerI rid the customer of all ambiguity by helping them track each milestone. I also communicated the status of the trip on top as that was most critical information.

Worst case scenarioWhen the booking failed, we wanted to assure the customer that their money would be refunded & they could try booking again.

Big picture During research, we realized most customer frustrations start after the booking is done.

These projects helped redefine the company's vision towards providing a fast, competitive but comprehensive travel experience.